Social Media Policy & Disclosures

At Ensemble Capital, we believe that we serve our clients best when we are open and transparent about our investment process. We want our clients to understand our investment philosophy as well as how the individual investments we make on their behalf fit into our overall approach. We view social media as an important avenue for us to communicate our thinking to our clients and the broader investment management community.

The information contained within our social media channels represents Ensemble Capital Management’s general opinions and should not be construed as personalized or individualized investment, financial, tax, legal, or other advice. Ensemble Capital is a discretionary investment manager and does not make “recommendations” of securities. Each quarter we file a 13F report of holdings, which discloses all of our reportable client holdings. You may contact us for a current or past copy of such filing.

Nothing contained on a social media channel (including any content we link to or other 3rd party content) constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer to buy or sell any securities or other financial instrument. No advisor/client relationship is created by your access to these sites.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investments in securities carry risks, including the risk of losing one’s entire investment.